Using a combination of telematics integration, advanced data analytics, and an AI engine, we deliver personalized training to every driver in your fleet.

System Overview

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Fuel Economy

Billions of gallons of fuel are wasted by transport fleets in US annually. We deliver fuel savings by improving driver performance using our unique telematics-led training system.

Fleet Safety

Altering driver behavior is a proven method of improving safety on the road, and reducing the likelihood and impact of accidents. Analyzing telematics data for every driver in your fleet on a weekly basis, we focus on key driving behaviours such as harsh braking, speeding, harsh acceleration and poor anticipation.

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Rules and regulations are constantly changing and keeping your drivers and vehicles compliant can be time-consuming and costly. Online training can be the most cost-effective way of keeping your fleet of drivers up-to-date on current and future legislation, reducing the burden of training on your business.

Carbon Footprint

With many customers seeking evidence of emission reduction from their logistics suppliers, cities and towns introducing clean air zones, and potential carbon-taxes on the horizon, now is the time to start reducing the carbon footprint of your fleet.


Access Anywhere

The Aptarus training app is a great companion tool for your Aptarus online training. It provides all the functionality of the Aptarus Learning Management System in your pocket.

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Reduced Costs

Reduce fuel costs, maintenance costs, non-compliance costs, and costs arising from safety-related incidents. Training your team will improve your bottom line and strengthen your business.

Improved Safety

Our online training courses can increase safety awareness across your organisation, and help to eliminate unsafe practices by your team. Measure your progress against safety metrics from your telematics system.

Improved Compliance

Improve compliance by training your workforce on industry-specific regulations. Our online courses will guide them through the latest industry rules and regulations. Use the Resource Centre to upload your own documents and videos, and verify access by your team.

Faster Onboarding

Get your new employees up and running faster by using online training for onboarding tasks. Ongoing education and training for employees has been proven to reduce staff turnover and improve retention.

Reduced Risk

Well-trained employees are more productive and make less errors. Reduce risk with online training courses for your workforce.

Increased Flexibility

Training can occur anytime that suits your business, minimising disruption. No need to take your drivers off the road for a day.

Reduced Carbon Footprint

Improved fuel economy and reduced maintenance leads to lower carbon emissions. Demonstrate your environmental credentials to stakeholders such as customers and staff.

Improved ROI

Improve the ROI on your telematics system by using data you already have to improve your team. Leverage the real-world data in your telematics system to produce real-world savings.

up to


fuel saving

*based on 6-month trial on fleet of 90 straight trucks

up to


harsh braking reduction

*based on 5-month trial on fleet of 80 straight trucks

up to


carbon footprint reduction

*based on 8-month trial on fleet of 40 semi trucks

How It Works

Driver Performance

The Aptarus Learning Management System (LMS) connects to your telematics provider and analyses the performance data for each driver.

Your telematics data is continually monitored and analyzed on a weekly basis.

Based on each drivers own performance data the Aptarus LMS determines areas where the driver can improve.

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Personal Plan

Each driver is assigned only the lessons that they need to improve their driving. Each driver is on their own learning journey.

Lessons are assigned automatically, ensuring that each driver continues to make progress week-in, week-out, without requiring any intervention from you.

As the training is focused on where it is most needed, and because key metrics are used to track driver performance, improvements can be quickly seen and verified.

Improved Metrics

Case Studies

Brian Cunningham Transport

Cunningham Transport

Brian Cunningham Transport, a leading transport and logistics provider servicing Ireland, UK and Europe, has selected Aptarus Online Learning for their driver training needs. After an extensive trial, Cunningham Transport chose Aptarus Online Learning to handle all of their online driver training requirements.

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Euromed Ireland Logistics Ltd.

Euromed Ireland

Euromed Ireland Logistics Ltd. (EMIL), an innovative finished vehicle logistics service provider offering an efficient range of services with a strong client focus, have selected Aptarus Online Learning for their driver training needs.

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Course List

Fuel-Efficient Driving Techniques

Fuel-Efficient Driving Techniques

This online course covers the fundamental techniques required for drivinglarge trucks in a fuel-efficient manner. Developed with the assistance of driver trainers and industry experts, it utilises the latest training techniques to ensure that information is understood and retained by your drivers.

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Food Safety for Drivers

Food Safety for Drivers

This online course will provide an essential introduction to food safety for motor carriers engaged in transportation of human and animal foods. It is intended to comply with the final FDA rule on Sanitary Transportation of Human and Animal Foods (STF) as part of the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA).

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