Government and industry regulations are constantly changing - keeping your drivers and vehicles compliant can be time consuming and costly.

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Online training can be the most cost-effective way of keeping your fleet of drivers up-to-date on current and future legislation, removing the burden of training on your business.

Our system can ensure due diligence with our custom course feature, where drivers must acknowledge viewing company resources such as documents and videos. You can also add a short quiz to validate driver understanding of the subject matter.

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A training log is available for every driver in your fleet, providing regulatory authorities with clear evidence of every learning task performed by your drivers.

Comprehensive reports are available for driver trainers, administrators and regultory authorities.

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Digitial certification available for all drivers who complete our online courses.

Course Outline

Food Safety for Drivers

This course covers food safety for motor carriers engaged in the shipping and storage of food in US. Designed for drivers, loaders, and any personnel who are likely to handle food products during transportation, it meets the recent FSMA requirements including the Sanitary Transportation of Human and Animal Food (STF) rule.

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