This course will provide an essential introduction to food safety for companies engaged in transportation of human and animal foods. It is intended to comply with current EU food safety regulations including 178/2002 and 852/2004. The content is also suitable for compliance with the BRC Global Standard for Storage and Distribution.

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Lessons included in this course

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Food Safety Background

This lesson provides an introduction to food safety including the need for food safety in transport, and current EU food safety regulations for transport companies.

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Food Safety Basics

This lesson covers food safety basics, including the three main hazards: microbiological, physical, and chemical. This lesson also covers controlling measures, including HACCP.

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Transport Refrigeration Basics

This lesson provides an introduction to refrigeration, and covers the fundamentals of transport refrigeration. Key topics covered include the refrigeration cycle, temperature control, and airflow.


Refrigeration Unit Basics

This lesson covers the basic operation of Transport Refrigeration Units (TRUs). It covers the main operating modes of the refrigeration unit, and explains the common tasks that need to be performed.

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Transport Equipment Specification

This lesson covers transport equipment design and specification for ensuring food safety, including typical TRU specifications and box specifications.

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Good Loading Practices

This lesson provides an in-depth look at good loading practices for transportation of food. Topics covered include pre-trip checks, loading patterns, packaging, and sanitation.

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Good Hygiene Practices

Good hygiene is essential for the safe transportation of food. This lesson provides an introduction to basic hygiene best practices, including personal hygiene, protective clothing, box sanitation, and record-keeping.


Monitoring and Traceability

This lesson explains the need for monitoring and traceability throughout the food chain. The lesson covers systems such as dataloggers, telematics, record-keeping, and transporter obligations to shippers and receivers of food products.

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Certification Quiz

When all the lessons in the course have been completed, learners can take this test to achieve certification in Food Safety for Transporters.

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