Our Story

Aptarus was founded in 2015 by Karl Lusted and Martin Farrell after they identified the need for data driven training in the transport and logistics sector. While working at Blue Tree Systems (a leading telematics provider) Karl and Martin noticed that fleets were overwhelmed by the amount of data that their telematics system was generating. These fleets were only using a small amount of this data in their day-to-day operation. Karl and Martin realised that this data could be put to good use.

At the same time Karl and Martin realised that although Online Training was becoming popular in some industries it was not widely in use in the transport and logistics sector. Combining these two observations they decided to found Aptarus to provide online training, using real world data to determine individual training requirements for each driver.

Since the initial launch of their learning platform in 2017, Aptarus has been hard at work developing a Learning Management System (LMS) which is designed specifically for the needs of transport and logistics sector. Working closely with driver trainers and other industry experts Aptarus has also developed bespoke training courses which are designed to be easy to understand, yet effective.

"Our mission is to make training and certification accessible to the mobile workforce."

Karl Lusted, CEO

Our Culture, Values, and Principles

How we work together to achieve our goals

At Aptarus we are committed to providing an open, learning culture for our employees. We intend to empower employees to take responsibility for their work, and to provide clear opportunities for personal growth.


Our default approach is to make all information available to our employees unless there is a good reason not to.


All employees will have a say in how the company operates, our future plans, and how the company is organized and run.


We believe that education and training should be accessible to all, and intend to make that as easy as possible for the mobile workforce. Internally, we intend to provide opportunities for continued development and training for all staff – regardless of role.


All employees will have a personalized plan to encourage growth and development. We want to fulfill the potential of our employees by providing support and mentorship as an employer. If our employees are not growing every year then neither are we.


Our team will have ownership over the projects they work on, and everyone will be encouraged to take on responsibility in their respective roles.

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