The costs to fleets from accidents runs into the billions annually. Accidents involving large trucks are four times more likely to involve fatalities than accidents involving other vehicles.

Altering driver behavior is a proven method of improving safety on the road, and reducing the likelihood and impact of accidents.

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Analysing telematics data for every driver in your fleet on a weekly basis, we focus on key metrics such as speeding, idling, harsh acceleration.

A personalized training plan is created for each driver, and lessons are assigned to focus on specific areas for improvement.

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By improving key safety metrics of every single driver in your fleet, we deliver continuous improvements in fleet safety across your entire fleet of drivers, not just the bottom 10%.

Comprehensive reports are available for driver trainers, administrators and other key stakeholders.

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Digitial certification available for all drivers who complete our online courses.

up to


harsh braking reduction

*based on 5-month trial on fleet of 80 straight trucks

up to


over-speeding reduction

*based on 8-month trial on fleet of 40 semi trucks

up to


over-revving reduction

*based on 6-month trial on fleet of 90 straight trucks