Good Distribution Practice for Managers

Complying with Good Distribution Practice (GDP) guidelines is a requirement for transport companies shipping pharmaceutical and medicinal products in the EU and UK. GDP training demonstrates that you are committed to quality in every aspect of your service to your customers and the pharmaceutical industry. Designed to comply with current EU and UK GDP guidelines, this online course is a must for transporters involved in shipping of pharmaceutical and medicinal products.

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Who should take this course?

The Good Distribution Practice for Managers course is aimed at managers and administration staff with responsibility for good distribution practice within their organisation. This includes, but is not limited to, professions such as:

  • Managers
  • Admin Staff
  • GDP Responsible Person
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What you will learn

Module Description
Introduction to GDP for Managers This course will provide an introduction Good Distribution Practice (GDP) for Managers. The course will cover the current EU and UK GDP regulations, transport refrigeration basics, refrigeration unit operation, good loading practices, good hygiene practices, and monitoring and traceability in the cold chain.
Transport Refrigeration Basics This lesson provides an introduction to transport refrigeration, and covers the fundamentals of transport refrigeration including key terms and concepts. Topics covered include the cold chain, heat, temperature control, and airflow.
Refrigeration Unit Operation This lesson covers the basic operation of Transport Refrigeration Units, or TRUs. It covers the main operating modes of the refrigeration unit, and explains the common tasks that need to be performed.
Risk Assesment In this lesson we are going to discuss a procedure you can use to assess and reduce the risk of a manual handling tasks.
Transport Equipment Specification This lesson covers transport equipment design and specification for ensuring product quality and safety, including typical TRU specifications and box specifications.
Good Loading Practices This lesson provides an in-depth look at good loading practices for transportation of pharma products. Topics covered include pre-trip checks, loading patterns, packaging, and sanitation.
Good Hygiene Practices This lesson provides an introduction to basic hygiene practices. Topics covered include personal hygiene, protective clothing, box sanitation, and record-keeping.
Monitoring and Traceability This lesson explains the need for monitoring and traceability throughout the cold chain. Topics covered include dataloggers, telematics, record-keeping, and en route compliance.
Certification Quiz When you have completed all the lessons in this course, you can take this quiz to achieve certification for Good Distribution Practice for Managers.

Course Details

Title: Good Distribution Practice for Managers

Duration: 2.5 hours

Languages: English, Polish, Romanian

Certification: Digital Certificate

Cost: £ per person





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