This course covers the fundamental techniques required for driving HGVs in a fuel-efficient manner. Developed with the assistance of driver trainers and industry experts, it utilises the latest training techniques to ensure that information is understood and retained by the driver.

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Lessons included in this course

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Idling Reduction

Demonstrating proven techniques to reduce idling, this lesson will improve fuel economy and can reduce maintenance costs.

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Effective Speed Control

This lesson demonstrates how effective speed control can improve fuel economy, reduce maintenance costs, and improve safety.

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Effective Gear-shifting

Effective gear-shifting techniques can lead to improved economy, reduced maintenance costs, and reduced driver fatigue.


Cruise Control

This lesson provides a guide to using Cruise Control effectively in order to improve fuel economy and reduce maintenance costs.

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Effective Braking

This lesson covers effective braking techniques which will improve fuel economy, reduce maintenance costs and improve safety.

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Route Planning

Improved route planning can lead to reduced fuel costs, reduced driving hours, and reduced working time infringements.

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Vehicle Setup

This lesson provides a step-by-step guide to basic vehicle management setup that can help to reduce fuel consumption and increase vehicle safety.


Certification Quiz

When all the lessons in the course have been completed, learners can take this test to achieve certification for Fuel-Efficient Driving.

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